Dhahran Art Group, Building # 4155

Footnote by the Artist

“A few years ago, I quit advertising and returned back to fine art, which is my first love. For the first time, I recently presented my love for fine art to the Saudi audience in June 2014, when I displayed my work in an exhibition conducted by Dhahran Art Group at Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It was not to make money but to showcase my work. The art community valued my work a lot. My pen work is also immensely appreciated everywhere. I have done lots of pen work which involves much time and effort.

“My focus now is to help poor people in their efforts to stand on their feet independently, by donating 40% – 50% of the sale proceeds of my art work. I am also working fervently on the themes Modern Impressionist Calligraphy of Quran and Human Relationship of Love and Life ”

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